jueves, 26 de julio de 2012

[Partyin', partyin', yeah!]

I think it was Friday when everything started, a very cold Friday. Rebecca Black would have been disappointed with me if she had heard about what I did, because I completely broke her philosophy of having fun on Friday and the following weekend.

Nowadays, people of my age are almost obligated to go out when the school week finishes and the weekend begins. It’s a ritual, and I used to follow it. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy it so much… But I had to do it if I didn’t want my friends to hate me for the rest of my life. Staying at home on Friday night was forbidden, only geeks and freaks preferred this social isolation instead of partying hard.

Another important philosopher, Katy Perry, inspired my friend’s parties. It’s amazing how they forget about everything and only focus on this moment of the week. They don’t mind about hangover, arguments with parents or awkward photos. Of course, their worries appear the day after, when they have to face all the consequences.

That day I didn’t feel like doing anything. I decided that I’d lie to my friends in order to avoid the compulsory weekend party. I told them that I had a very important appointment and it couldn’t be put off. They were suspicious, but I managed to convince them by using my acting skills.

It worked the first time, but I had to make up another excuse for the next weekend. My friends had already bought me a ticket for the most amazing concert that I’d ever go to. That’s what they said, but I didn’t want to go. Concerts are awful, loads of people sweating around you… I can’t stand it. That’s why I begged to my mother to call my friends and explain them that I was grounded and I couldn’t go out. They couldn’t argue with my mother about that, so I was successful again.

Next Monday at school I realised that their behaviour was strange. They were especially kind to me. That lasted the rest of the week, until Friday arrived. I’d been thinking about a new excuse, but I couldn’t carry it out. When school finished and we had to go back home, some of my friends insisted on making me stay. It was awkward. They all gathered round me and fired a barrage of questions at me. I think I failed to convince them, because they suggested that I could be in serious trouble if they didn’t see me rocking out in the middle of the disco that night.

I had to do something; my freedom and my social life were at stake. How could I maintain both? After two long hours thinking about it, I decided to go to the party. I had a plan: I’d try to disrupt it by talking to my friends about other leisure activities. I’d convince them about how amazing books are, or how they can have a good time in a family dinner. Yes, it seemed impossible even to me, but I had to run that risk.

I’d have never expected to find what I found there. Luckily, my plan was absolutely unnecessary, because the dance floor was empty. They were all bored and awkward, that was the antithesis of a party. I asked to one of my friends why were they so obsessed with partying if they didn’t enjoy it at all. His answer was: “We must come”. I took my things and I left without saying goodbye. 

On Monday nobody was talking to me. Never mind, I joined those who I used to call “geeks and freaks” and I suggested going all together to a party. They were afraid, but I managed to convince them. We had the best party ever!

I’ve learnt that it’s important not to abuse of a source of fun. Be open-minded and try to enjoy different things, places and people! After all, fun is more likely to appear when you look for it in different places.

martes, 3 de julio de 2012

["Foscor, silenci absolut"]

Y es que cuando parece que lo mejor que puedes hacer es desconectar de todo y de todos para dejar que la noche haga el trabajo sucio de limpiarte la conciencia tras un día de mierda duro, llego yo y lo saco toooooodo de dentro. Y es lo mejor que se puede hacer. "Hablando se entiende la gente", ¡cuánto valor tienen algunos refranes, y qué poco caso les hacemos a veces...!

Hay quienes hablan de más, demasiado poco e incluso algunos se quedan a medias para terminar diciendo nada. Quizás yo me exceda un poco al hablar, la cual cosa conlleva que termine haciéndome un lío y no expresándome como me gustaría. Eso sí, intento que nada caiga en saco roto, que lo que diga sea útil y lo menos dañino posible. Me da rabia, por lo tanto, la gente que actua de la forma contraria. Pero oye, tiene que haber de todo en este mundo (¡ay, el mundo...!)

Seguramente mi problema es que pienso demasiado. Ayer estuve hablando sobre esto con alguien. Algo que suelo hacer también, mientras no hablo, es escuchar. Una costumbre muy sana, sí. Vale, es verdad, a veces me pilláis en mis cosas y no estoy al 100% de atención, pero ahí volvemos a lo de que pienso demasiado. Si es que ya me autoanalizo yo solito...

Y total, ¡que qué bonito es empaparse de los demás! Dar y recibir, ser fuente y esponja (metáfora que yo entiendo, ya me diréis vosotros, es que la poesía no es mi fuerte).

Sigo siendo yo, pero creciendio día tras día gracias a todos los que me rodean, y a los que si no me están rodeando los busco y los acerco.. No tengo derecho a queja. 


Ramonet ^^